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Monaki® Ionic Filtration Shower Head

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

As advertised!! We have bought 50-80 dollar shower heads only to be disappointed with the amount of pressure they delivered. I read this and read some reviews to see what was said about this product. I decided to take a chance, the cost was basically not going to put a damper to my wallet. Once received and installed, my wife was pleased with the amount of pressure it delivers. Again this beats the 50-80 dollar range shower heads by a mile. The rotating beads when in use is quite awesome as well. We will be buying a second one for my shower. Great Product for the price.


A powerful cascade of aquatic bliss. This shower head is very soothing. I can't say that my skin feels any different with the filtration of the bead system, but I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking to revive, refresh, and yet, still feel relaxed. I am normally a Moen guy, but our shower head needed replacing, this one looked intriguing, was a great price, and so I thought that I would give it a try. If it didn't work out, I would simply pick up one from a reliable brand. However, this shower head feels incredibly subtle and yet powerful enough to remove soap suds in a flash!!


I bought one of these for my walk in shower and it is my favorite shower head ever. The water pressure is remarkable and yet it feels soft to the skin. I notice a huge difference in how much faster it is to rinse shampoo out of my hair using this compared to my last shower head. I also have 7 dogs, so it saves time on bathing them. I ordered another one for the other bathroom because no one wants to shower in there now that they have used mine.


I absolutely love this shower head!! I had previously purchased one from another store, which I thought had the multiple spray settings as this one does. didn't and actually started to break down (water spraying everywhere) within the first couple of days. I couldn't return it because it came directly from overseas.

So I took a chance (after reading reviews) and purchased the Monaki Ionic Filter shower head. IT IS AWESOME!!!! I've been using it for over a week now and not one issue has come up. The water pressure is great, the size/diameter of the shower head is a good size, and the multiple spray settings are amazing.

I would hands down recommend this product over and over again!!


I can not say enough great things about this shower head. We recently moved into an older house that didn’t have the greatest water pressure, but this took care of it. The three settings are great and useable too. I’ve had many shower heads in the past and they always have some weird settings that are never useable; but not this one. Also simple to change the settings. I also suffer from dry skin, and this seems to be helping a lot. I would highly recommend buying this item and giving it a try for yourself. I LOVE mine and show it to all my friends (yea, I’m sure they think I’m weird)